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Trying Gillette NACET Stainless today

Just finished the Gillette Silver Blues from my sampler pack. Moving on to the Gillette NACET Stainless. What are your thoughts on this blade?
The NACET stainless wasn't bad. It didn't seem as smooth as the GSB, but it wasn't bad. I did nick myself and get a little irritation on the neck, but nothing terrible. If they were all I could find, I wouldn't complain, but I probably wouldn't go out looking for them, either.
After 3 and done with the Gillette NACET Stainless, my impression is that it's sharp enough to do the job just fine. Maybe even a bit too sharp for my limited skill level. It's not smooth enough for my face. I get a little too much irritation from it. Not crazy amounts of irritation, but enough to make my skin good and angry. Trying the NACET Platinum next and hoping it's smoother like other platinums.
Should be better. I never tried the NACET but I tried the Gillette Stainless and it is horrible for me. Now I recently purchased some Gillette Platinum, what some here at B&B call the dark platinum and they are great.
Tried the NACET Platinum today. I was definitely better, but I'm still getting some irritation. Believe it or not, I'm ready for this sample pack to be over so I can get back to my Astra and Perhaps some Gillette Silver Blue.
I'm having a bit of a dilemma right now. I stand by what I said earlier about the NACET platinum. However, I noticed that I may have just gotten the closest, most irritation free shave on my neck of any blade so far.
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