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Trying again. Growing tobacco

Mike H

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Of the 70 or so seeds planted, 18 have germinated so far (9 days). Package says 80% germination rate, so I’m hopeful.



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Interested to watch this thread. I bought a few books on the subject but haven't ordered seeds. My great grandfather leased his land to tobacco farmers I can remember watching the process growing up. I'd love to have some seed to smoke tobacco of my own.
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Father in law grew some two years ago and got some seeds. Was going to harvest the next day but it unexpectedly frosted before he could harvest. Last year he was able to get some seeds and harvested leaves. They've been drying in his basement.

I don't know how the leaves are. I just sent him a text asking. I imagine he has some more started for this year. I believe I got him some bright Virgina seeds so he could roll some cigs and I could smoke some in a pipe. 😁

Mike H

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I had at one time 36 shoots, but they all have died. I think too much water...
Learning opportunity. I may buy some plants still this spring.

Mike H

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It’s been two weeks and none of my second batch of seeds germinated.
None of my Havana 608 seeds germinated. I was going to use that as my fillers. Decided to transplant some of the little dutch when I was thinning them out.
Dang your plants are doing well! Transplant is in order and am sure the roots are begging for more room. I have some Gold Virginia going this year but they are still tiny and have been for weeks now, just starting to pick up the pace. Did Rustica the past 2 years but didn't yield much, still have a few mason jars filled but didn't know how to cure it so just sun dried (dry as hell) and doesn't taste good in pipe lol. Will ues it for blending or something eventually.
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