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Truth in Advertising

So, I’ve been trying to locate some old formula AoS Lavender soap (I know, I know...) and I can’t believe how many sites still list the old version, while only carrying the new. I could understand forgetting to update the image used to advertise (the pucks look different), but many places not only have the old image – they also list the old ingredients (Tallow), the old weight (3.4oz old – 3.3oz new) and even list the product as “discontinued” though available. To make matters worse (or just to irritate me further) when contacted to clarify if the “old” product listed/advertised is actually what is on offer, they invariable (if you consider 3 for 3 invariably) reply “No, it's the new version, I wish I could find the old stuff” - yet they continue to advertise the old product!

Sorry, I just needed to vent.

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Well vented, and good on you for checking before ordering or this would be a very different frustrating thread to read upon product arrival

Unfortunately, as I'm typing this, I'm waiting for UPS to pick-up my return of this - which as you can clearly see, is the Tallow version (supposedly) .

Damn I love this place! I currently have 2 pucks with my name on them, in Arizona - soon to be on their way here, America's Dairy Land.

Thank you David.

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