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Trust The Plan


If you're going to go menthol go all the way!

This morning shall be ICE COLD WATER, Sudsy Soapery "Blizzard", Skin Bracer.
Yes and yes indeed.

Love the awakening experience of a good face freeze in the morning.

Cold water, C.O. Bigelow menthol shaving cream and skin brazer/duke cannon mentholated balm for me.

Right after applying the aftershave, go out early morning before sunrise on below freezing temps to welcome the new day. It makes you appreciate life!
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Changed it up a bit from what I originally posted. Went with Sudsy Frosted Lemon and Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave balm.

Blade (7 O'Clock 'green') wasn't exactly a winner. Sharp, but not particularly smooth and the alum block bore that out. Stingy!
I foolishly did a shave last month with AOS Peppermint, Aqua Velva Ice Blue, and Duke Cannon Aftershave. My face darn near froze off! I decided then to try that combo again during summer and to stick to something warmer for the rest of winter.
I'm glad you enjoy it! Some keep the menthol for warmer days, toerhs especially like it on colder days. To each their own!
I guess for some of us is like our own version of cryogenic therapy...you know when you see northern people jump in icy waters or take a stroll in the snow...naked!

So after all we ain’t that crazy right?
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