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Trumpers Sandalwood Cologne

I'm curious about this fragrance. Is it at all similar to the Trumpers Sandalwood Shave Cream? (I love that scent)
Same stuff. Very intense cologne, where the scent in the shave cream is quite muted. I was filling some sample vials with the cologne last night, and my whole bedroom stunk to high heaven. It was almost overpowering. SWMBO was not pleased.:a41:
I love this one. It is easily the most powerful "sandalwood" that I've ever used. Now let me explain the quotation marks. This indeed has a big, nose filling sandalwood base to it. It also has to my nose a powerful citrus component for the topnotes and I don't know what else for heart notes. It's a very complex scent. It's very classy, powerful, LONG lasting(at least on my hide), and women folk just love it. A real personal favourite. If you like stout colognes, this is it. Scotto's experience with the strength factor is dead on. Don't "splash" this on in a tidal wave. You'll announce your arrival to the whole neighborhood! It is a super classy scent and one you should at least sample.

Regards, Todd
One of my favourites, I think the cologne is a bit sweeter than the shaving cream, maybe it's just more intense. As Todd said, don't put too much on, if you're frugal in your application it tones down into a nice subtle masculine scent.
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