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Trumpers in the States...

Anyone know where I can get Trumpers Sandalwood here in the States? I live pretty far away from any metro area, so the internet would be best...

Hi Shorty,

I buy mine from enchante. They charge retail but there's a good chance the cologne is in stock and they ship quick. Stand behind the wares as well. I believe they are the closest thing to a Trumpers store that we have in this Country.

I looked online for Trumpers as well and it appears that it is almost as cheap, or cheaper to buy from England. Will US Customs ding everyone for duty or whatever? I got my samples from England (Trumpers) in 3 days! The postmark showed that they were shipped from Trumper on June 23, I got them out of the mailbox in the afternoon on June 26. No stamps or issues from customs on the samples ..........

http://www.theenglishshavingcompany.co.uk/cgi-bin/psProdDet.cgi/G-SCS||@[email protected]%20F%20Trumper|0|user||42|

The company will refund the VAT (tax) which pretty much covers the cost of shipping. Too good to be true?

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