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Trumpers in the States...

Anyone know where I can get Trumpers Sandalwood here in the States? I live pretty far away from any metro area, so the internet would be best...

Hi Shorty,

I buy mine from enchante. They charge retail but there's a good chance the cologne is in stock and they ship quick. Stand behind the wares as well. I believe they are the closest thing to a Trumpers store that we have in this Country.

I looked online for Trumpers as well and it appears that it is almost as cheap, or cheaper to buy from England. Will US Customs ding everyone for duty or whatever? I got my samples from England (Trumpers) in 3 days! The postmark showed that they were shipped from Trumper on June 23, I got them out of the mailbox in the afternoon on June 26. No stamps or issues from customs on the samples ..........


The company will refund the VAT (tax) which pretty much covers the cost of shipping. Too good to be true?

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