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Trumper's Coconut Oil Shaving Cream

I am looking for a shaving cream that has just a light smell, moisturizes, lathers well and provides an irritation free shave. I don't want to feel any tingling or burning when using a cream. For those who have used Trumper's Coconut oil cream, is this product good for me and my sensitive skin?
Any other recommendations?
I've tried Trumper's coconut, but to be honest, I couldn't keep it on my face for long...the smell was nauseating.

For sensitive skin, you might try AOS unscented or Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort creams. Both are very mild and light in scent.
To each his own I guess...perhaps Agent86 had a bad tub? Of course, some folks just don't like to smell coconut when they shave
I have Trumper coconut, and the smell is very light, and it is a very good cream. In fact, my favorite Trumper cream. There are a few out there that are nice, lightly scented creams which may work well for you, and most high quality creams will not give that burning/tingling unless you are allergic to something in the cream. An exception would be Proraso, which has menthol and Eucalyptus....it is SUPPOSED to tingle. However, if you need a cream with NO scent at all, not just Light, then I agree, perhaps the AOS unscented, KMF unscented or T&H ultimate comfort/unscented are the way to go. That said, Trumper coconut is very popular both with folks who do and do not have sensitive skin. If you do not like it, I'm sure you can list it and someone will take it off your hands....
John P.
Trumper Coconut is one of the lesser scented and coloured Trumper creams.
Over at GFT they recommend Rose as the best choice for sensitive skin. However, i've had some irritation with this cream whereas coconut was no problem at all. It also gave me a better lather and shave and it was definitely more moisturising than the rose. The scent of coconut is great: makes me feel like i'm on holiday.
GFT Coconut is my "go-to" cream when my face is irritated. Absolutely top notch shave cream that I cannot recommend highly enough.
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