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Trumper Spanish Leather

I posted this on SMF yesterday but I want to post it here as well, so all the Badger & Blade locals can see my review.

This is my first bottle of Trumper cologne. I had tried a sample of SL a while back and really liked it. I'm not a big cologne person and I've wasted quite a bit of money in the past on colognes I ended up not liking or tired of quickly.
If you're going to spend some money on a nice cologne, why not go with something that NOT everyone has? And from an outfit like Trumper, it seems hard to really go wrong. They have unique stuff. It's nice to not smell like every other dude out there.

Anyway, SL is a warm, sexy scent. A little old-school, but who cares. I've heard some reviewers say that they find SL too "soapy". I do detect quite a bit of soapiness, but not annoyingly so. It definately has a soapy quality to it but I also find it warm and pleasant. Seems to have some good staying power.

I just got a Trumper sample pack of colognes so I'm going to do some testing over the next week and check out some other scents. They sent me Eucris, Curzon, Wellington, Astor, Limes, and GFT. I got SL too but that's a repeat since I just bought a bottle of it. Would've liked to have tried the Bay Rum and Skye ... but oh well, I'm lucky I got the samples I got. Trumper does come through, they just take forever. OH, they sent me Sandalwood too - which I've already tried and found it a bit over-blended and heavy for my liking. I'm kinda bummed, I really wanted to try Bay Rum and Skye!! Oh well.

More Trumper reviews to come in the next week ....

- Dave
Thanks for the thoughts, Dave. I have tried all the Trumper's colognes, and unfortunately they smell vile on me. You can tell they are made with great care and quality, though. To each his own...

I do own the T&H Spanish leather.
Yes, nice review. I have Trumpers Sandalwood but Spanish Leather is a close second. Unfortunately, I'm torn between Trumpers and Truefitt and Hills. They are both good!
I really enjoy Trumper's colognes from their Classics line. To be honest I think all six of them are very nice.

As for Spanish Leather I am not a real big fan of Trumper's. The leather note it is not very noticeable to me. On the other hand, I really like Truefitt's Spanish Leather. It has a leather note that is quite evident.

Strangely, I was reading a post over at SMF a little while back talking about how Truefitt had updated their Spanish Leather (the old one being a gold colour, the new being clear). A number of the posters were talking about how vile the new batches were and how they smelled too "new school" (my interpretation of what was being written). I really cannot understand what was being talked about. I have only smelt the clear version but it certainly does not smell like a designer fragrance. Both my wife and I think it has a very nice old world slant to it.
yeah, I thought I had really liked Trumper SL a while back when I had tried the sample vial. This was before I got my sample pack a few days ago. I just found the "soapiness" in SL to be too much for me ... it was almost a bit nauseating. I guess I'm learning that I like fragrances that "pick me up" rather than "weigh me down" .... there are some exceptions to this rule for me though .... although Trumpers Sandalwood would be considered more of a heavy-hitter, I still find it pleasant ... and as long as I don't constantly sniff it (I only have a sample vial of it) I'll continue to find it a pleasant "background" scent - a little goes a long way with the Trumper Sandalwood.

Right now I'm trying Curzon and I'm REALLY liking it. I'm picking up some fresh and spicey notes that seem to have good lasting power. I just have some on my wrist and it's very pleasant. This one seems pretty versatile, too. Not too heavy, not too invisible.


- Dave
Dave, if you get an opportunity try a sample of Trumper's Marlborough. It seems to be a little bit of a hidden gem for me. Reviews I have read all mention its soapiness but, to be honest, what stands out to me is the freshness. Definitely a "pick me up" (at least for me).
water said:
Dave, if you get an opportunity try a sample of Trumper's Marlborough. It seems to be a little bit of a hidden gem for me. Reviews I have read all mention its soapiness but, to be honest, what stands out to me is the freshness. Definitely a "pick me up" (at least for me).

If I can ever get my hands on a sample I'd love to try it. Same goes for some of the other Trumper scents ... I got a sample pack from Trumpers recently but of course they don't send you a sample of every fragrance they have. I did get about 7 samples, but there were definately a few that I didn't get.
Trumper's SL is one of my all time favorites. As a matter of fact, it's the only one of their EDT's I've purchased. I too had all the samples, and am a fan of MANY of them, only SL is the first one I bought. Not too crazy about most of the T & H ones, except maybe 1805 in the summertime. Freshman is pretty nice as well. My cologne acquisitions for the near future pretty much focus on Penhaligon's, however. If you're not familiar with these, and like "old school" scents, I can't recommend them enough.

I had a number of Penhaligon's samples arrive in the post recently. Every one of them was fantastic. It is hard to single out a favourite, but right now it might be Endymion. I really enjoy the spiciness of it.
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