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Truefitt & Hill - Cyber Monday – Choose Your Free Gift - Today Only

Choose your free gift with total purchases of $100 or more. Online only at www.truefittandhill.com.
Not valid with any other promotions.

Choice 1: Cologne sample kit.
Includes 9 fragrances: Apsley, Sandalwood, Trafalgar, Grafton, Freshman, West Indian Limes, Clubman, 1805 and Spanish Leather. Presented in a beautiful velveteen bag.
Product Size - 1.5ml per sample.

Choice 2: Sandalwood Travel Set :
Truefitt & Hill Lightweight Disposable Razor, Modeled around our hand-made comfort design the disposable travel razor (with triple bladed head) is perfect for trips abroad or short term use. The head is not replaceable. Disposable, with handle being widely recyclable.
Sandalwood shaving cream tube and aftershave balm travel tube (both tube's are .3oz or 10ml)

Choice 3: Toiletries Collection:
Comprising of a shampoo, conditioner, bath & body scrub & body lotion and soap, the amenities range has been created with Truefitt & Hill's signature fragrance '1805'. With the original formulation dating back to the 1850's, it was not until 1998 when this fragrance was reformulated and orchestrated into the modern and popular fragrance of today.

This fragrance has top notes of melon and bergamot combined with a floral heart of Lily and Rose and resting on a Sandal wood, Cedar wood and musk base and remains a favourite amount ladies and gents alike.

Included are 4 x 40ml bottles

1 x 25gr bar of soap

Presented in a T&H embossed Velveteen Sachet


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