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FS Truefitt & Hill aftershaves and colognes. Used once, UK only.

Hello all,

For simplicity, I'll keep this UK only, especially so for shipping fees and also to spare the headache of shipping alcohol products abroad.

So I bought several bottles of fragrance from Truefitt & Hill earlier this year after hearing good things about them. They're fine fragrances, for sure, but I don't feel they suit me. Maybe they're a little mature for me, I'm not sure, but I tend to wear Chanel and Tom Ford and they lend themselves more to my style.

Anyway, the following are available and have been used, at most, twice. If really necessary I can provide images showing the levels they're each at:

Trafalgar Aftershave Balm: £25
Trafalgar Cologne: £35
Spanish Leather Aftershave(splash): £25
Spanish Leather Cologne: £35

(All 100ml bottles in original packaging)

Also for sale(and used once or twice):

Geo F. Trumper Spanish Leather Cologne(splash) 200ml: £20

All prices include me paying postage & packaging.

My only request is to please be patient. I am working ridiculous hours right now as my department in the hospital is understaffed by almost 40%, so it may take a week or two to get around to finding boxes and getting things sent.

If you are interested, please post here which one you are interested in to keep it transparent. That way, first come first serve, it's apparent to everyone who registered interest for each one first.

I hope you're all well.

Interested in the Spanish Leather colognes. Am I correct in my belief that while Trumper one is a splash Cologne, T&H one is a spray one ?
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