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Truefitt and Hill

I haven't posted or surfed here in a long time. I've worked through just about all the soaps and creams I purchased years ago when I was active here. One of the best products I have used is Ultimate Comfort. It's time to buy a new tub of this. Who are the Truefitt and Hill dealers in Dallas? I've looked on the T&H website and am having no luck. So, I thought I would ask this knowledgeable group.
I ordered their new Apsley from their American website and it came in 3 days and they provided me with 6 or 7 different samples as well.


Moderator Emeritus
I bought mine from WCS. It is my favorite cream - one I am never without.
I thought I posted to this thread yesterday! Anyway, what I thought I'd posted was that ordering from T&H NA was the way to go as discerningbev suggested. It's often the cheapest place to get the real thing and it's fresh. Plus the little goodies they include.
While I've only bought their Lime, Rose, Almond, and Trafalgar, I have tried samples of all of it except for the #10 (but now have a sample of that too). I love it all and could easily replace most other creams I have with T&H (but I still love TOBS Sandalwood and GFT Coconut).
I only shaved with it a few times from a sample, but it's one of the best shaving creams I've ever tried for sure. It's next on my list to purchase after I save up some more pennies.
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