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Troy shaving through the generations

Seems my Grandpa used a straight razor (I only remember the strop) OUCH!!!!!! Well today things have changed. Now that razor is framed and hanging on the wall at my Dads home. About three years ago my son got the wetshaving bug and bought allot of stuff. Some of it came my way. Seams that I did wetshaving about halfway. I had an Old Spice Mug, Soap, and Brush kit (most likely a gift). Used that in the 80's and now using it with a DE. Our hope is to one day be able to put Grandpas razor back in use. The cycle will be complete when my Son teaches my Grandson to wet shave. My Dad used an electric.....each to his own, as I am leery of a SR.
nahh..dont fear the SR....it commands respect yea..always focus...but light touch and keep it "flat" on your face..things will be fine with time and patience...:thumbup:
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