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Trouble w connaughtshaving.com ...?

Has anybody here made a purchase recently with connaughtshaving.com ...?

I put in an order with them 8 days ago, I received a Paypal receipt, but not a word from the vendor.

I just wonder if anybody else has experienced "slow communication" with this company -- trying to decide how long I will give them before trying to get my money back ....


I have had nothing but great results with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the box shows up on your door step In the next couple days. Hopefully that’s the case! Did you email them?
Every time I have ordered I get an email acknowledging the order and another email when shipped. Contact them via email to ask if they received the order.
I have ordered many times and never received a confirmation email, stuff does indeed just show up. Small price to pay given how inexpensive shipping is.

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I received a package from them last week, and another confirmation today on a new purchase. They are sometimes a bit slow to ship but I have not been let down yet, have bought from them several times and will again.
They're 100% in my book. Their shipping confirmation email might be in your spam folder though, might wanna check.


Give it a little time, usually around 2 wks to AR with no holidays. They are solid, no worries, keep checking your mailbox, it will come.


I have had a few orders with Connaught and never had an issue. The only thing is slow postage but that is not their fault. I’m on the other side of the world and I don’t pay for express postage, far too expensive. The exchange rate is horrendous.
Good site, reasonable prices and expect living in Northern Canada about 2-3 weeks delivery.
They have always got my order correct.
I've ordered multiple times from Connaught, and with one exception the goods were received in a timely fashion considering I'm across the pond for them. The sole exception was a brush lost in transit, which they replaced promptly. I'd email them before filing a complaint with PayPal or complaining in public.
3 of 3 previous purchases have been delivered in less than 10 days to IL. I prefer to use Connaught over everyone else. Very fair prices and very nice people. Take a deep breath, think happy thoughts, I'm sure you'll get your package shortly....
Thanks for all the responses. Indeed, the parcel showed up in my mail now. what got me worried was that the company did not send me any acknowledgement whatsoever of receipt of my order -- and did not reply to the inquiry I sent them by email; and did not list a phone number under contact information. In aggregate, I think this style of communication is a little unusual, and perhaps a little unprofessional.
But I received my new brush now -- a beautiful Omega 011842 boar by the way, which I carefully searched out by studying reviews on Badger and Blade's brush forum -- so, all is good..!!
For future reference:

The official policy is to contact them after 25 days from shipping date if you haven't received your package. I had one lost and they replaced it without any delay.