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Trip to UK - Clovelly Soap Co.

On a recent trip home to the UK to visit my parents I stumbled across a few wet shaving items. Most notably, this soap/brush set I found in the Harbour village of Clovelly, Devon. The village itself is a tourist trap and so i expected this to be a little gimmicky, but for £7 (under $10), I figured it couldn’t hurt. NB: the soap by itself was £4 ($5.50 ish)

The brush looks horrible, feels like boar but smellier than usual and really stiff. It’s also been cut poorly, very uneven. But essentially, I paid $4 for it, you get what you pay for.

$IMG_3186.jpg $IMG_3192.jpg $IMG_3243.jpg $IMG_3244.jpg $IMG_3246.jpg
$IMG_3247.jpg $IMG_3251.jpg $IMG_3252.jpg $IMG_3257.jpg

The cheapy brush preformed better than I had expected, although it was hard to get soap into it initially. Maybe it'll soften up. I used my Semogue 830 for comparison and the soap performed great. A little bubbly perhaps, but for a first attempt with idea how much water it could take, I'm pleased with what I was able to achieve.
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