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FSOT Trio of brushes/Wizamet SI

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I have a trio of inexpensive brushes to go to a new home:

Yaqi 22mm Familia Sagrada Two Band
Yaqi 24mm Atlantis Synth
VIG/Virginia Sheng 24mm Two Band

The VIG was used semi-regularly for a few years, the others 10-15 times. With glue bump factored, each has around the ideal ~ 2:1 ratio. The 22mm Yaqi loses about one hair every four shaves, all but one split vs coming out of the glue as a whole hair. Note: flat side on knot view from resting on side.

$37 shipped for all within NA from Canada, more for Int’l

I also have 240 of a 250 pack of Wizamet SI blades. Recent batch. $40 shipped.

I could swing some trades and can add unused soaps/blades/cash towards:

- Henson Ti mild
- Mid range silver tip brush like Shavemac or Thater
- other 100 pack of Russian Gillette blades (GSB, light blue Plats) or Feathers

Thanks for looking!

7AD9977F-18CF-4267-A938-DF4BABDF4762.jpeg 9D5F37F7-90CE-47B0-937F-6D62EB454CA7.jpeg 0153B88C-01BF-4A44-AAA1-59942C74221D.jpeg
I had one of those V.A Sheng 2 band with the faux horn handle .
Terrific lather machine for face lathering.If I dind not have TOO many
brushes now ,I would grab it.
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