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Trigger Finger Kamisori Shavette

New Trigger Finger Kamisori Shavette

Check out the picture of the new shavette I just received. It's kamisori style, so no hinged scales, is super short and stubby, takes either a full or half DE blade, and has a trigger finger hole for stabilisation and control. Pretty neat, and only $4 shipped from AliExpress. You know I can't resist a sub-$10 shavette no matter how many I own ;-)

Let's call the shave on this one interesting. Low to moderate exposure, so it's not very dangerous, and being so short, manoeuvrability is off the charts. Sounds perfect, right? The stubby length is both it's biggest asset and annoyance. My hand is always contacting the skin. This annoys me more than it should, so in all but first WTG pass, I wound up holding the razor closer to the end and more like a stick, ignoring the finger hole completely.

I'm going to need to unlearn the classic straight grips and learn some new ones. Looking forward to it. This razor has the potential of being much easier than a traditional folding straight of being used with only the dominant hand.

For anyone that's interested, it's available on eBay here

If anyone is still reading, do you know what this type of razor is called, or if not, can you come up with a less awkward name than Trigger Finger Kamisori Shavette?
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