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Tricks for one armed shaving?

Last week I had to have shoulder surgery due to a work related injury. Thankfully it was my left shoulder and I am right hand dominant. My Doc says I will be in my brace for 4-6 weeks. I tried to shave on Sunday and lets just say it was not an enjoyable experience. My SWMBO is learning how to lather my brush really well, but I need some tips for accomplishing a decent shave short of having her learn to shave my face too. Any experience out there to draw upon?
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Typically, I don't do the skin stretching thing all that much. Just learn to make all sorts of funny faces to stretch the skin. That should be all that is needed as long as you have an assistant to work up the lather for you.
I use the skin stretching on the neck, but any stretch to the right side brings some pain with it. I figured that I would end up with all kinds of new funny faces for my kids from this.
Aside from the occasional skin stretching, my DE shaves are all done one handed. As far as lathering goes, if you switch to a cream in a tube, you can easily squirt a dab of cream onto your presoaked brush and face lather all one handed. Or you can use a soap stick, or just rub a puck on your face to load, and face lather form there. It's really easy.
I would maybe use creams for the time being and face lather. I'd imagine you'd have an easier time loading your brush and building a lather this way. As far as actually shaving I usually only use my dominant hand anyway (unless I'm stretching skin, but like Cynomys said you can just contort your face). Hope you are feeling better soon.
I typically use soaps, but I have a tube of GFT Limes that will definitely be getting some use!
Didn't you invent the Jump to Conclusions Mat? Maybe you could give that a shot?

I'd get a shave stick or just smear some cream on your face face lather that up. As far as shaving; I would think that Good Enough would be good enough.


Shave stick will probably be your friend. That and face lathering.
For me I would lather with some cream on the face. Maybe use some Arko it lathers like crazy and fast. And I don't really do any stretching I would just make the amazing faces and go for it. You just need to practice and get your technique down for this. Just like learning to DE shave to begin with. Work on that technique.
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