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Trickier than it looks

I'm following the tutorial at the top of the page very closely. Everything looks just like the pictures, including the loaded brush. When I go to build the lather in the bowl, I get much less lather than what appears to be in the picture (the bowl looks pretty full to me). When I put the lather on my face, it goes on in a thin coating--perhaps that is correct, but I did expect a thicker lather on my face.

I'm using C&E Sienna with a boars hair brush. I have a badger brush ordered from C&E, but the store was out of stock and I decided to start practicing with the soap using a brush available locally, which was boar.

Any advice, guys?


Bottom line is the lather should be moist and lubricating. Mounds of overly stiff lather make for better photos than shaves.

Rule 1 is to assess what sort of performance you're getting out of your lather. If its good, you're fine, and if it's not, you need to do something. Search around for info on face lathering. Wet a brush, gently shake it out one or two times, load the soap onto the brush without generating a lather until you can't get any more on, then take it to the face and work up a lather there. Add a bit of water to the brush tips if you want, either to help you load the brush with soap or to add some moistness to the lather.
What I do is pour the water from the top of the soap into a lather bowl and do a few swirls of the loaded brush even if I am going to face lather. That seems to help get things really going. That soapy water from the top of the soap seems to make a difference. You may find the badger brush helps too. It does take a little practice so just stick with it, good luck
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