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I have these little white bumps on my face. The dermatologist zapped them off and prescribed Tretinoin .1% to prevent them. Problem is the tube is around $200. Now if I need it fine, but is there any other options out there? I cannot recall what he called the white bumps but they looked like little itty bitty white ingrown hairs.
Was it laced with gold dust? My dermatologist sold me a 30 gram tube of 0.5% tretinoin cream for around $45. Unless your tube is extraordinarily large, I can't imagine the higher concentration of active ingredient would warrant such a cost. You might consider shopping around to see what other doctors or pharmacies charge.

Just one example of how prices can vary per pharmacy: I once did a price check at different pharmacies for a medication I was prescribed. Since my insurance didn't cover it, I wanted the lowest out-of-pocket cost possible. The exact same prescription (same medication, same dosage, same number of pills) ranged from $30 at Costco to $480 at Rite-Aid. And that was for the generic. Seriously. I'm not making that up. It really does pay to shop around.
Is there a generic? LOTH pays around $50 for a tube. The good news is that she swears by that stuff! :thumbup::thumbup:
Ouch! I was prescribed clindamycin by my doctor to combat acne and my OOP was only $5. The receipt says the tube retails at $160 USD.

As others have said, shop around and maybe you can get it filled online at a lower price?
BigJ, Tretinoin IS the generic. The brand name is Retin-A.

I imagine the condition being treated is keritosis pilaris, which is basically a build up of dead skin cells that don't shed quickly enough. Tretinoin is a form of vitamin A and is part of a family called "retinoids," which help speed cell turnover. You can substitute any product containing retinol, which is basically an OTC version. Regular exfoliation and a good moisturizer can also help, especially since retinoids can dry out your skin.

Honestly, though, you should check with your insurance company. A tube of this should only cost a few dollars.
Also... While it's not the same thing, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) basically does the same thing and products with AHA are cheaper than those with retinols. You can find a container of generic AHA face cream on the bottom shelf at Walgreens for about $8. It's the best price out there and is great to use anywhere (I use it on my arms and legs).
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