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Treet Platinum Blades


I shaved with the Treet Platinum blade last night and found it to be a great shave. I used the blade in a vintage Gillette Blue Tip safety razor.

For those who have used the Treet Platinum blade, how many 3 pass Shaves do you usually get from each blade?

Also, on the packaging, in addition to stating "Do Not Wipe Blade", it also says "Leave Blade in Razor."

I understand the reasoning behind not wiping the blade, as that removes any coating on the blade, but what is the reason for Leaving the blade in the razor between shaves?

Thank You.
Korey Smith

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Treet makes a lot of carbon steel blades which are prone to rust inside the razor, so most users will remove them so as not to stain the razor. I think inviting you to leave the blade in the razor is Treets way of reassuring customers that these blades are stainless steel and won’t rust.
I'll leave whether Treet Platinum's are SS or Carbon Steel to those in the know.
However, Treet 'Yellows" are Carbon Steel and we are advised as indicated below.
IIRC some have said it's due to coatings.
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It must be a legal thing. They don’t want you handling the blade any more than you have to. There’s always someone who will cut their finger off.
There’s a reason they print “do not take orally” on tubes of hemorrhoid cream.
only blades that i like in Pakistan are gillette stainless rest are waste of space and money
treet platinum will only work on good shaving creams other wise it's too harsh for people with hard hair.
treet is only company that made double edge blades in Pakistan rest just import them
I found my skin is suited to the carbon blade, whether it be SE or DE. Treet carbons go well in my half DE blades razors and deliver a DFS every time.
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