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treading new waters into single edge razors

I have owned and used double edge razors for about three years. I was gifted a shick injector razor that came with one blade in a dispenser and for a gem single edge razor. I don't have blades for the gem and have no idea what I am looking for Either of them. With double edge blades I could at least find something at halfway useable at walgreens or Wal-Mart. But all I can find with single edges are what is found in hardware stores and I know they are not shave worthy.

I feel like I am starting over with these two razors, no knowledge at all.
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Do not use the blades from the hardware store! They look almost the same, but are not!

Checkout eBay for SE blades.
Lol I actually had a blade left over from a pack I got from ace hardware. I looked at and decided against the idea to even think about trying it. I know they are limited and everything so what are some brands to look for to at least get pointed in the right direction.
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