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Travis' Tech Talk

I have gotten on a Tech kick as of late and decided that I'm going to use them as my primary razor for a few weeks to compare them amongst themselves and to compare different blades.

Currently I have a Pre-War Fat Handle Tech, a 50's Made in Britain French set Thin Handle Tech , and a 60's Travel Tech (with a spare regular sized handle).

So far using a Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow the results have been:

My first shave was with the Travel Tech. I was amazed at how "boring" it was, in a good way. Just an efficient, effortless shave.

Yesterday was my first shave with the FHT and I LOVED it. I told my wife multiple times during the shave "I really like this razor!"

Today was my first shave in a long time with the French set Tech. It was very similar in feel to the other two but had much more audio feedback.


Techs are awesome razors - smooth and effortless.

The Pre- and Post-War Techs are really nice razors. Small preference (for me) for the Canadian razors.

The English Flat Bottom Tech is another one to seek out - really great razor.

The 1950s English all brass, heavy (63g) Tech (the razor in the #24 set) also provides a wonderful shave.

Makes me want to shave with a Tech. ;)
Well this brings me up to 6:

1) Pre-War USA FH
2) Pre-War Canadian FH
3) Post-War Gold USA FH
4) 1950’s Made in Britain French Set TH
5) 1952 Black Plastic Handle Tech
6) 1965 Travel Tech (plus a full ball end handle)
So I'm pretty sure this is a mismatched set but thought I'd throw it out.

These are the auction pics as it's currently soaking in hot water and Dawn.

s-l1600.jpg s-l1600 (1).jpg

The case looks very much like it was from a 40's Thin Handle English Tech set per Mr. Razor:

1940s thin handle Tech in Bakelite England.jpg

However, I'm pretty sure the base plate and handle are aluminum. The base plate weighs 4g while the handle is 11g. The cap is 15g for a total of 30g.

Mr Razor lists a 30g aluminum English Tech in the 1950 set 32 but the cap doesn't have the logo on that one.
1950 (V3 on blade) Aluminum Tech No32 England.jpg

Mr Razor also lists a similar looking Tech in the 1951 set 32 but there's no weight/material information. 1951 British Tech Set No32.jpg

Mr Razor also lists a similar looking Tech in the 1956 No5 but again with no weight/material info
1956 German Tech No5.jpg

So I'm assuming it's a 1950's English Aluminum Tech in an older 40's Bakelite case.

Either way I like the case and I look forward to shaving with it this week.
This thread inspired me to get a pre war fat handle. Won the auction last Saturday. Looking forward to it’s arrival. I plan to compare it to the post war versions I have. So far I have a post war without date code, a post with date codes and a mid sixties travel tech VIVA LAS VEGAS😎😆.

I had couple others but have gifted them away to friends and family. They are one that comes through as boring in the beginning but as technique improves they become exciting when you return to them and apply your refined technique.
Love my PrewarTech w/fat handel! For me it gives a super smooth, effortless and comfortable shave time after time!

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That’s what I’m awaiting. Everyone says they shave just a little better so I’m gonna find out. And I’d also like a fat handle tech that isn’t gold plated abs this accomplished that.