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So my plastic grocery bag with a few tins and pipe cleaners is getting old, let alone one of my no name briars is starting to get pretty beat up from being on the road.

I would like to get a travel case of some sorts, especially considering I just ordered a new Peterson!

Speaking of Peterson, they have a pretty nice looking 2 pipe bag. I kinda like the subtle green color too.

That or I was looking on the internet at leather pipe rolls. It seems you can get them in almost any configuration you need. I am thinking I would like to fit a tin, some pipe cleaners, my zippo, my 3 in 1 tool, and maybe a pipe or two in the roll.

Any suggestions?
a too big of a roll is not handy.
I don't have one for my pipes but for tools. The smaller rolls work great, but the bigger one is clumsy and I don't like using it. (it is stained with grease, so it will not be put to use for pipes or something else)
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7 1/2" tall, 5 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" deep. Two additional tins in other pockets not pictured. And it's green.....
I basically have the same set up just a different brand, Maxpedition. I use plastic soda bottle preforms to put bulk tobacco in. Depending on the cut and how tight I pack it in I can get 8-9 bowls in each Preform. I can take 4-6 preforms in the case which gives me a pretty good variety of tobacco on trips.
Small Pelican Cases like the 1120 are great. Cheaper than a lot of the nice bags out there, and the pluck out foam is easily customizable to whatever you want. They're in the $30 price range, so they're cheaper than most of the nice pipe cases out there and nearly bulletproof.
I bought a new leather pouch at The Briary yesterday. It has a pouch for the leaf, a zippered compartment for the pipe, a button-up compartment for tools like the tamper and matches, and a sheath for pipe cleaners. I'll probably replace my simple old brown pouch from the '80s with this, if I ever get home.
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