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Travel, TSA, no checked bags, but DE and wet shave - Suggestions and Experiences

I fly a lot on 2-3-4 day trips and rarely check luggage. As everyone knows by know, TSA doesn't allow DE blades in carry-on luggage. Also, traveling w/o checked luggage means carrying the minimum. So let's hear and see some suggestions and experiences.

I sometimes break down and take my Gillette Fusion, but lately I've been mailing blades to the hotel or more commonly putting the envelope in with binders that my assistant sends ahead of me to wherever I'm going. If I mail, I just send it to me at hotel, say "guest arriving x/y/z" on the line below my name or in the corner of the envelope. It's always been at the front desk when I've checked in. I've also noted that DE blades are sometimes available at the hotel's lobby shop, but haven't bought any yet. I don't often have time to go to a drugstore, but my impression is that 80% of drugstores will have at least one brand of DE blades, although I'm guessing you need to buy at least five. Then at the end of my trip, I toss the blade (wrapping it first - B&B has several threads on this). I often get to scoot through the TSA pre approved line, and I'm sure I could sneak a DE blade through when doing that, but I don't want to worry about the potential hassle if caught.

I've found that TSA will stop you and go through your bag looking for razors if they spot an assembled safety razor on their screen. So I now actually disassembly my DE (typically ATT S1 or ATT S2) and put it in my briefcase where the handle sits with pens, laser pointers, travel flashlights and such and the other two pieces are in with all my various clips, rechargers, earphones, batteries, DC plugs, reading glasses, and such -- have never had TSA take any notice it in that format.

As far as efficiency goes, my recent trip is the following: 3-1-1 bag items on the right; toilet kit items for the carry-on bag on the left.

Toilet bag: ATT S2 in case (but usually, I separate it and just put it in briefcase with pieces wrapped in a static cloth; alum bar (also used for deodorant); Puck of Haslinger (lather it right in the little plastic soap container that snaps shut when done); Muhle Synthetic v 2.0 kept in plastic pill container without the lid - for drying; blue hair scrubber doubles as comb.

3-1-1 bag: Cade after-shave balm (I have several and will probably not take any once they are done), the blue pump jar is my from my own home cocktail of oils for both pre shave and post shave and moisturizing (Shea Butter Oil, Aragon oil, Almond Oil, Emu oil, lanolin oil, Borage seed oil, Grape Seed oil, Glycerin, etc.), Thayers non alcoholic witch hazel (in the clear 2 oz); The little 0.5 oz container is Puple Emu sunscreen if needed; Styptic if needed (this one is the heavy duty roll-on type applicator), Issey Miyake Cologne in the 2.5 oz (or sometimes I leave this behind).


Let's hear the latest suggestions and experiences
Sounds like you have it down pretty well. I never fly for business, only to a specific place to visit family or friends. In my case if for some reason I didn't want to check baggage I would mail a package to myself at the destination point a few days prior and it's there waiting for me upon arrival.

I would send my spare badger brush, a DE razor, tuck of blades and a stick of Arko. :thumbup1:
In essence I did the same thing, though not quite as well organized as you. :) Now I need to find a Prescription bottle that will fit my brush... LOL

One of my wife's sisters will send stuff ahead by FedEx or UPS since it works better for her than checking luggage.

That said, maybe it's my own paranoia about loss, theft, damage, etc. but I never take a DE with me when travelling- even by road.

Last year, my wife and I did a motorcycle trip across the state. We were gone for five days. We had to rely on the storage compartments on the motorcycle for all personal items.

In a case like that, it's Bic single blades and a travel size can of Barbasol.
Do you just buy some blades at your destination? Your bag looks pretty good to me.

It is good you are not taking the risk of getting caught with DE razors in your carry-on. One, forget about TSA Pre if you do, and trust me, you will be secondary every single time.

My sister used to be a big wig with DHS, so I know everything that is there to know about traveling do's and don't s.
I'm not sure how I'd feel about going back to shaving with carts again. I still have some carts for "emergencies" but I don't plan on using them unless absolutely necessary. I'd be comfortable flying and putting DE razor in my carry on bag, less the razor blade. Once I arrived at my destination I'd hope that my luggage also arrived with me. If not, well, I'd be looking for a convenience store with a DE razor blade.

So far I've been lucky. I've only had my luggage not arrive my final destination only once. As I mentioned earlier I'd carry the bladeless DE razor in my carry-on baggage. If my luggage doesn't arrive, well, I still have my razor.
Had same dilemma when i flew across the country for interviews.

I just opted for mach 3 instead. Couple shaves out of 300+ shaves / yr with mach 3 is acceptable for me. At least with good soap and prep, shave is still decent.
When I'm gone on an audit for 4 weeks, I pack 1 of my modern DE razors, 1 cream/soap, 1 tuck of Personna Reds, and 1 AS splash, all in checked bag. I brought 1 of my vintage Gillette's in my carry on this trip, and got pulled (I'm TSA Pre) at both my departing and return connecting flights back to the USA. Last time I'll be doing that.

For carry on only, I have no issues with a Bic single disposable, synthetic brush, and shave stick.
Just get a Gillette Tech razor, mail some DE blades, or get some at the lobby drug store. That should end all dilemmas, of blades, or losing a razor.
Apparently there are some disposable DE razors with one DE blade inside that are used in the medical field.

* Has anyone tried them?

* Are they TSA ok'd?
Apparently there are some disposable DE razors with one DE blade inside that are used in the medical field.

* Has anyone tried them?

* Are they TSA ok'd?

I have 3 of them. They shave pretty aggressively, but it's a personna med prep blade so that's not so bad. I can't imagine that they are TSA safe though. You can open them up and take out the blade pretty easily.
When I fly, it is an Atra cartridge razor for me. I have no interest in attracting any undue attention from TSA. It would be nothing for them to decide to keep a DE razor no matter one had blades for it or not.
I'm the same way. I rather not deal with the Thousand Standing Around searchers if I don't have to.

I have placed my items on checked baggage before, but the thought of losing one of my precious razors is always there.
+1 I never check a bag for up to 5-7 day trips. I take a Gillette Fusion Ball and never worry about losing my DE gear.
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