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Travel Razor Recommendations

For those of us who spend alot of time living out of our suitcase, what DE Razor would you recommend for Travel?


It really depends upon whether you use a carry on and how long you will be gone. When I will be gone overnight and have a carry on i use a Trac II razor and blade. If I am going to be away for a few days I take whichever razor suits my fancy and either buy a DE or SE blade at a drug store or send some blades to the hotel in advance. When I check my luggage I take whatever razor is in my rotation with my usual blades.
I have a travel merkur, but I'm thinking of switching over to an injector when traveling. Less hassle and I can never seem to get a good DE shave while traveling.
I can tell you that the biggest problem I've had with DEs and traveling has been with regard to having to check my bag to make sure my blades don't get confiscated. That said, I have many slim adjustables and I keep one in my dopp. Easy peasy. If compactness is a priority, I have a couple hoffritz travel razors -- one is a slant -- and they break down into 4 pieces where the two handle pieces can be slid together (one inside the other). The result is a small compact case that's roughly the size of a couple packs of tic-tacs.

I've found that the razor is really the least of the challenge when it comes to space, though. Bringing my brush and cream and a bowl has been harder -- one solution that seems to work well is to pack my tub of cream inside round Glad plastic bowl with a lid. My brush (an omega) came inside a plastic tube that fits over the stand, and it's open on the bristle end. As long as I shake it out to be pretty dry, it does just fine anywhere in my bag.

Hope it helps,
-- Chet
I like your basic 3 1/4" long razor, and find they're reasonably compact for travel. I love the old metal travel cases old Hoffritz Razors used to come in and find most of my razors fit well in those. This fits well enough in any luggage, or in the messenger bag I usually carry.

I' also had the excellent fortune recently to acquire a Tuckaway set. This i feel is the best balance of compact, and reasonable size. the handle is a reasonable length for shaving (unlike a travel tech) and the case is very nicely compact. It's smaller than my cell phone. Personally don't see any need, nor would I want, to go any smaller.
I have a travel merkur, but I'm thinking of switching over to an injector when traveling. Less hassle and I can never seem to get a good DE shave while traveling.
This is my problem exactly, it seems like my DE shaves are sub-standard when traveling and I can't figure out why. Perhaps I will try an injector as you suggest RichGem, just one more reason to add to my RAD...
Been travelling with a Gillette long-comb head on Bob's New Improved handle in a Merkur leather case...it's very compact...if you were really pushed for space you could always unscrew the three pieces and pack them flat...
If I'm checking a bag, I carry a user grade Slim Adjustable and Wee Scott brush. I found a dipping bowl that is palm sized but about 1 inch deep that I carry to make lather in.

If I am carrying on, then I carry either my electric razor or a disposable depending on how long I'll be gone. I have mailed a DE blade ahead to myself at hotels to use when I get there.
40's style Super Speed in a small metal box...Omega 10029 Baby-Pro Boar, in a prescription bottle with holes in the top....Arko Shave Stick which I flattened and took the base-plate out of an empty anti-persperent. Pressed the stick on the base-plate and put it back in the anti-perspirent contaner and screwed the knob backwards so the stick went down to the bottom and the cap snaps back on...Works great for traveling, and your hands don't get wet when you use the shave stick. I've been using the same container for almost two years and just replace the shave stick every 2 or 3 months. The whole loading process takes less than 5 minutes...I took the original anti-perspirent label off, so the container looks hip and I won't mistake it for anti-perspirent :))
I get great DE shaves on the road, and I like the fact its so easy to take the blade out for packing...
I'm one of those cats who would rather check a bag and get great shaves while traveling...
I posted my travel kits in Safety Razors a few days ago, but here they are again...

short kit...

full kit...

Choice of razor is either a DE89L or R41, and a Wee Scot hides in the chrome cylinder. I'm trying to work out how I can fit the Ever Ready 1914 below into the cases tho.

I originally got my Merkur Bakelite for travel..light as a feather and very forgiving if you don't do the full usual prep.
If I am driving, then I take whatever strikes me. If flying it will either be a Feather Portable or the Merkur Fakelite. I get good shaves from both. While far from my favorite brush, the Wee Scot normally joins me with a Speick Stick and a block of Alum. Blades are normally fairly easy to find.
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