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Travel Kit ID

I just got ahold of my grandfather's old travel kit. He was a salesperson and so this kit makes a lot of sense. There are no markings anywhere except on the blade box and it is just the Gillette Logo. It is in rough condition but I still would like to know if someone out there can ID the thing and let me know if it is worth restoring. The sentimental value is priceless. As a small boy I watched my grandfather shave with this razor many times.


$Travel Kit.jpg$Travel Kit Open.jpg$Razor Case.jpg$Razor Case Open.jpg$Razor.jpg
Wow, you inherited a wonderful kit! In my opinion it's in a rather good shape, with exception of the latch, and of course the razor needs some thorough cleaning. Have a look at this article in the ShaveWiki if you haven't done so yet. And then, given the heavy plate-loss why not having it re-plated in its original plating material (nickel would be my guess).
Very cool! I love the family ties that come with old stuff that survives all the spring cleanings and generational changes.
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