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Travel Combo Set

I’m up in Northern Vermont. House on a lake w solar/generator power and running water.

Brought an R89 Grande with a yellow Feather, older New York Shaving Company Badger travel brush, LaToya soap stick, and a RazoRock alum stick to finish it off.

Left the Rocca behind. Staying w a mild razor for this backwoods hangout (only a week this time). The brush is small and old but still effective. I like the Feather in the R89. LaToya is nice (I do like it) but I’ll be looking for something with a more neutral scent in the future.

This is a nice setup.



Girls call me Makaluod
My travel combo setup is a little more complicated.

From left to right top to bottom:
Blade wiping sponge​
Pears Transparent soap (India) for face washing​
Renaissance wax​
Alum stick​
Aftershave splash​
Travel mirror​
Palmolive regular cream​
Comoy's of London SR with 0.1μm pasted balsa travel strop below​
Brush holder​
Shaving brush​
Blade oil​
Leather/denim strop​
Polishing cloth​
This is good enough for up to 2 to 3 months away and it all fits neatly into my 250mm x 150mm x 65mm (10" x 6" x 2½") Dopp bag.



Girls call me Makaluod
When I'm going to be away for a week or less, I trim things down with my shavette fitted with a Feather DE half-blade, a stick of ARKO and my brush. I'll throw in some aftershave splash and a mirror if I feel it's needed.

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