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Travel Brushes

Due to the pandemic I am not traveling at all. Before, I traveled frequently. I always took either a Shavemac synthetic or a Yaqi synthetic. Both worked well. I am using both brushes at home, too.
Some that I favour (Travel brushes and face latherers) are:

__ Vulfix 2189 boar: Small size (21/47 mm knot) in particular makes this an attractive traveler. I first got on the track of this relatively rare brush through a post here on B&B where it was highly praised (see picture at link):
Vulfix 2189 boar travel brush - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/reviews/vulfix-2189-boar-travel-brush.175580/

__ Omega 10029 "baby Pro": This is a relatively small knot (24/46 mm) for a brush that still has that Omega boar "Pro" feel. Has tons of backbone, and is a very robust knot too, it can take some beating if you pack your belongings tight.

__ THÄTER 4125/00 (22/49 mm) badger silvertip 3-band bulb: Again, small size makes this a great travel brush, and superb face latherer. If I was asked to picked one favourite in my entire brush collection (an almost impossible choice), this brush would be a strong candidate...:
I absolutely adore my Simpson's Major in Best. It's possibly not the most practical travel brush out there, given its price, but now that you can get one for ~$70 off Amazon/Alrossa, maybe it's not as unwise a purchase as it used to be. Still, I love the design, the fit and finish, and the face feel, plus the fact that it's easy to store & transport thanks to its turnback-style design.

Here's a SOTD pic I took with it last year, back when, you know, I actually traveled:

As a recent convert to ‘refined shaving’ I haven’t yet traveled, BUT I am set to go when the world reopens.
Simpsons Wee Scot in a perforated pill bottle. To me every gram and mm counts when traveling, which is why I have my deodorant and shaving soap in 15ml bottles. I find that they last at least two weeks. Pictured here with my Merkur Progress and a Simpson Commodore X1 F30B8E46-68A0-4CEF-A64F-43DEF5AAF2EB.jpeg
@Shavely Manden it's a nice addition to your shelf even if empty. cool.
Not empty quite yet, but I've since taken it out of my travel kit, since I'm going to want to savor what I've got left. He also did a mentholated AS, Frostbite, that also had an optional flask. The flask is honestly a bit awkward while shaving -- a flask is not a container optimized for stability on the side of a sink, it turns out -- but it's definitely a classy touch.
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