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Travel Brush options

So, I have been reading all the thread I can find about a travel rig for wetshaving. I don't travel a lot, and I only have one brush, a EJ BBB, which I love. But I am looking at a travel set up. I want to use a shave stick, and face lather. Or a have a Travel Proraso/Bigelow tube and I may hand lather. From what I can tell, these are the options one has:

1) Take my current brush in a pill bottle
2) By a Synthetic from the Body Shop because they are cheap and and i hear they dry fastest
3) Buy a cheap pure badger which dries quicker then boar and put in pill bottle
4)Buy a Badger specifically made for travel with a case like from EJ or Simpson

I don't travel a lot, but I want a cheap and effective method that will last for many years of trips. What are your thoughts. I am leaning towards the Body Shop because I work next door to a body shop, but I am open to anything.
You say that you don't travel much and are looking for a cheap option. Why not take your existing brush? You can't get much cheaper than not spending anything. I love my Best Major but cheap it is not.
I only travel a few times per year, and in the future I can see that changing a lot, so maybe I should wait till then to get something sweet like a major, but I would like to do something now and have it sitting in my dopp. I like to have my dopp already packed so I know that I just have to grab it, and it is ready.
I am in exactly the same boat, but anticipate at least 3 (short) personal trips over the next several months and 1 slightly longer business trip. This is more than my typical amount of travel. I am thinking the EJ travel brush, but am still contemplating just using my sole regular brush (EJ BBB).

If anyone knows of a similar (turn-back style) travel brush from an american source, I am interested - seems a bit silly to order one all the way from England.
I think you ought to consider the Simpson Wee Scot...it is tiny but lathers very well, inexpensive ($40), and it also dries fast. It does not come with a travel tube but a pill bottle should suffice. It is much less costly than any turnback style.

I bought mine to be a travel brush...but it has turned into my every-day-brush....sort of defeating the travel brush idea.
I have purchased the C&E travel brush for about $35, it is made from EJ and works quite well, very pleased with the purchase and travels great in its container.
You can leave your brush at home, and just face lather by hand ... this works for all creams, soaps and sticks. You'd be surprised how good a lather you can make without a brush.

I did this today using MWF and Musgo Real ... it worked out great.
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