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Traditional Pocket knife vs. Utility knife

When i am at work i carry a disposable snap blade utility knife, in additionto a fixed blade and folder. Quick, easy, versatile. Wouldn't use it as a edc knife tho. Not sure how le would look at it as far as legality tho. Laws here are not very strict but depends on the municipality and officer. Used to carry a balisong as an edc knife but got tired of the problems it caused. Officers do not like you handing them a printed copy of the law.


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When i am at work i carry a disposable snap blade utility knife, in additionto a fixed blade and folder. Quick, easy, versatile. Wouldn't use it as a edc knife tho.

While I will open boxes and occasionally cut off the flaps with the serrated blade, I don't make a practice of cutting through cardboard with my EDC blade.

I don't see any point of testing the edge retention of my EDC knife by needlessly cutting through cardboard.

If I am going to tear up cardboard, I use a folding utility knife that I keep in the car.

When the blade gets dull, I replace it with another 18-cent blade.
I am continuing to be impressed with my Gerber EAB with Berkling Laser Sharpened Titanium coated SK2H blades. Sharp as hell, no rust over 2 months, cheap and replaceable. IDGAF about what I do with the blade. The freedom is amazing.

The Gerber is customized with a one handed opening thumb stud that is screwed in, so the blade is extra tight and won't accidentally get released into my pocket. I have one from a donor, but a similar stud can be found on Etsy. It is important to be smaller than the top screw hole. The next step up for this level of safety and comfort is a $200-$300 custom titanium utility knife (Spectrum Energetics-which you should get if you are a hard user).

The only issue it is needs to be screwed in, but part two of my EDC is a Victorinox Alox Minichamp, which is actually incredible. The Etsy stud doesn't need a separate tool, so it is actually better than the stud I have.

All of the above can be purchased for around $100 usd and you get 50 of those blades which will likely last forever. The Alox Minichamp will last longer than that and has a infinity warranty from Vic!

Also, the Fastback 6-in-1 is super boss for putzing around the house.
I kind of use pocket knives as utility knives. Opening boxes at work and such. So not much difference for me. If you like collecting pocket knives though and want a utility knife find an old Sheffield it looks and feels like a pocket knife but don’t need a stone at work. I found this one at work many years ago.
Use the right knife for the task.

During the height of the pandemic, I used a ceramic safety "knife" (it's not even all that sharp) to open most packages, just because I didn't want to risk going to the emergency (I've had that happen once, stropping a large Thai kitchen knife, those things are wicked sharp even though they are made out of cheap steel).

if I do carry a pocket knife now days, it's usually it's just a little folding knife with a sheepsfoot or warren blade.
I have a utility knife on my workbench, and in my mobile tool bag, but they don't interest me.
I usually carry a modern "one hander" knife, because I open a lot of boxes, and because I like them.
I have one of these around the house but I would be hesitant to carry it as an all purpose EDC. It’s fine for opening boxes (who would have thought ;) ) but the usable blade length, holding mechanism and blade thickness makes it subpar for much else.

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I am very glad I only had to scroll to the third post here to see a venerable Cadet and Spartan in all their glory!

I am in the UK, so carrying pocket knives is fraught with legal issues, but it's rare that I don't have either a Rough Rider peanut or a Victorinox somewhere about my person.

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Since last spring I've been toting a Teale Designs karambit with a utility blade in my work pants. Karambit style knives are good for work with gloves or wet hands, as one can put a finger through the loop. Plus I get to carry a karambit. I use it fairly often for chores like cutting twine and trimming irrigation hoses. I can hold it in the traditional karambit grip and the edge is out of my way but ready for use while I'm doing something with both hands.

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