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Trac II Razor

Does anyone have any info on this razor? It was made in England out of what appears to be pewter, and is pretty hefty at 3.3 oz.



Hm, no Trac II users around here, eh? I'm guessing this was made by some cutlery manufacturer much like the Reed and Barton Atra handles, but, unfortunately, this one isn't sterling silver.
Never saw one like that. Looks heavy.

What kind of blades would it take? A normal single-edge doesn't appear to fit.
Trac II delivers a nice shave indeed...i'm an user myself.You should try the UK jewelers guild to discover the manufacturer logo...
I still like the TracII. Best of the cartridges. Though at the price of the blades I have quit using mine. I have a nice handle, a solid brass one, so I do keep blades around in case I ever want to.
I was going to say Vulfix as well, but the head is different. The Vulfix heads have a rounded stem with vents on the back of the head. The heads themselved don't appear to be pewter, but are grafted onto pewter handles. My Vulfix handle does not have the "England" stamp on the side, so I'm guessing the manufacturer is different. I couldn't tell you who made yours, but it sure is a nice looking handle.
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