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Toxic Green Radiumite

Made some scales for my Radiumite. 3D printed with transparent PETG for the scales / blue PLA for the wedge. Turned out pretty good I think.

Now to hone it.

Very cool. I've wondered what all types of scales you could produce with a 3D printer. I know very little about them.

Those things look they would glow in the dark.:thumbup1:
How are these 3D scales holding up? Any warping or other issues?
These green scales are holding up quite nicely. No warping.

My other 3D printed scales made with the transparent/white PLA are warping as I suspected- mostly due to the wedge I made. I think PLA would work in the long run, but a spacer (instead of a wedge shape) would be needed for them to keep them straight.

The bright green are PETG plastic and look just as good as the day I put them on.