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Tough Decision


I write a final exam in Ph.D. level macroeconomic theory in a few hours (about 5 actually) and I can't decide between the invigorating and uplifting Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes Cream or the more relaxing (maybe even a little zen) Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Hard Shaving Soap.

It is amazing, really, the things that I can consider in order to avoid the last few hours of cramming (even though they could determine whether I remain in my Ph.D. program or if I exit it prematurely).


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Go for the lime. You wouldn't want to nod off during that exam.
Seconded on the Limes, unless you can score a green tube of Proraso from your local Target before then. There's a bracing shave!

The green tube of Proraso? That I don't have. Although, I do have the green tub of semi-hard Proraso and I didn't even consider that one. Damn, now you've made the decision even more complicated. :rolleyes:

Perhaps I should forget the Proraso for today and stick to the original 2 choices.
Best of luck, I took the equivalent of your final exam a few years ago in Microbiology, and all I can recall was choosing something green for good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine. Don't let the profs get the better of you.
As per your suggestions, I went with the T&H Lime. I must say, the shave was considerably better than the exam :confused: .

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