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Touch up for a beginner

So I am looking for a system to just do touch up's in between professional honing. I have a extra strop where the leather is ruined but the webbing material is still good. I have a brand new bottle of Chromium Oxide spray (.5 micron) left over from when I took a break from straight razor shaving. My question is, can I just use the spray on the webbing material for a touch up or should I purchase a stone? Just looking to extend the time frame from sending the razor out and keeping the blade relatively sharp, so who ever hones it won't have a ton of work to do.
OK sounds, good. I wanted to make sure I could utilize the extra strop and spray I already had on hand. Getting any new stuff by the SWMBO is gonna be hard for a few months...
Personally I prefer CrOx on a flat surface like balsa or leather bonded to something solid. Go to a hobby shop, get a thin sheet of balsa wood. Glue that to a stable surface like a length of flat hardwood, then paste it. Cheap and easy.
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