Total Newb....pondering the switch from electric to DE

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by NPK, Aug 10, 2019.

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    I wouldn't even know what I am looking for and couldn't tell if it was a deal or not either. I guess Canadian's need to look in the thrift stores as no deals are to be had for us otherwise....:surrender:
  2. I'll suggest something a little different: a Wilkinson Sword Classic, the black plastic one. I'm not sure about Canadian availability, but they are cheap and darn near indestructible. They are also mild and mighty fine shavers, particularly with a good blade like a Gillette Silver Blue. If you find that DE isn't your thing, you're not out very much money; if you do like it, then you can upgrade or stay with it for a long time.
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    NPK there is something i saw but dismissed cuz...I thought it was cheesy.. its polymer not metal, but it actually has pretty good reviews. I can get it for $12 CAD pretty low risk.

    - Wilkinson Sword Classic
    - Proraso soap the red version.
    - Omega 10065 boar brush

    Gillette Silver Blue or Astra blades...pretty much the same?
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  4. Blades are a rabbit hole. Get a few different ones and see what works for you. I like Silver Blue and don't like Astra myself - but I tend not to like a lot of blades that the majority like.
  5. I’m not a massive fan of astras myself (typically use gsb’s here as well), but the wife loves them.

    Blades really are a personal thing, what works for one person’s face may not work for another, which is why so many recommend samplers; it gives you the ability to try a few different types of blades to see what you like.
  6. I have one and really like it, but it behaves differently from all my other razors. It has its ... quirks.
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    Another cheaper plastic option along with the Wilkinson Classic would be the Feather Popular, I don't have any personal experience which is why I hadn't recommended it earlier, but it does get a lot of mention on these forums.
  8. I started earlier this year, and quickly realized that having the right stuff can turn shaving into a luxury to be enjoyed. After six months I can safely get it done in five or six minutes, but I still prefer to take fifteen or twenty.

    I'm very happy with my Edwin Jagger DE89. I got a blade sampler on Amazon and stopped searching when I found the Feathers. Maggard's house-brand soaps are great (London Barbershop is a classic), as is Mitchell's Wool Fat.

    I suspect that any of the top three or four most common beginner razor recommendations would have been fine, so I probably didn't need to kvetch about the decision as much as I did. I bet that one of the Maggard starter kits would have been great; if you call them I'm sure they'll be helpful (better yet, if you're near SE Michigan like I am the storefront is worth visiting).

    Most important, I think, is proper technique. There are some good guides in here if you dig around, but in particular I suggest: don't be in a rush, make sure to give your beard plenty of time to soften, and experiment with the soap/water ratio on the brush. Make sure to take short, slow strokes and let the weight of the razor do the work, if you press down on the head you're a lot more likely to slice yourself up.

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    Ordered Wilkinson Sword Classic, Proraso soap the red version, Omega 10065 boar brush..and a sampler blade pack....arrives in 2 days....I gotta say I am excited and nervous at the same time about this...what a sheltered life I lead.:001_rolle
  10. Congrats Enjoy the shave
  11. Welcome to the addiction club :a17:
  12. I've owned both and I preferred the simpler design of the Wilkinson Sword over the TTO Feather. The Feather delivered a good shave but I just never got along with it.
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    NPK could be right...u can see where one can be addicted to these things...others it may be flashlights, or cars or any hobby really.

    I tend to be somewhat of a minimalist...perhaps one other razor once I have the hang of it.
  14. Because it's one of the best razors ever made and will last 1000x longer than any new product for the same price
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    1000x.....uh ok.:a39:

  16. For me, it was less the razor than the soaps and aftershaves... I eventually liked the variety of being able to change the scent depending on my mood and the weather... then I wanted to try different manufacturers (although I still have a clear preference for some)... then I got interested in brushes, and since synthetics and some boars are relatively inexpensive, I ended up with five or six of those... then I picked up a couple vintage razors from a local collector who was decreasing his holdings.

    Give it time, step one is getting the thing and getting proficient ;)

    If you’re like me (or likely many on here), shaving will stop being a chore and slowly become a part of the routine you enjoy.

    Or I’m abnormal and crazy... that’s always a possibility as well :302:
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    That is the plan...get proficient with the Wilkinson like its second nature...then maybe a Razorock SLOC and call it a day.

    I honestly dont get the desire for a vintage razor. Sure they have character, but they have already lived a lifetime of use, worn out plating etc. I think it's more nostalgic than anything. I'd rather have something that stars its life with me, especially a hygiene item like a razor.
  18. Try it first in the condition it is and if you decide it works for you you you have 2 options 1. Look for the one in better condition and pay more 2. Send it to be replated so it will look like a brand new one but it will be more expensive than option 1. I did exactly that and choose option 1. Even in as is condition it will outlast you and who knows how many generations after
  19. In my opinion the Gillette is a smoother sharper blade but ya know it’s never a bad idea to try a box of 5 each.
  20. There are plenty of vintage razors with plating that is in excellent condition if you change your mind on that score and as far as hygiene goes, I know I and others have said it before but if you're willing to go to a restaurant and put a spoon in your mouth that has been in thousands of other people's mouths......

    There's a great Canadian seller on Etsy who sells nice vintage razors in good condition, for very reasonable prices, so shipping shouldn't be an issue either. He's had a few rockets over the time I've followed his store.

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