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Torrey Tuesday

J.R. Torrey Co.
SV Cubebe
Rubberset Pig
Tony Miller Strop
Jnat Shobu Finish
Pinaud Clubman
Simply delightful close comfy shave this morn.....as it should be. will decide upon EDT after shower. maybe Penquin Reserve this morn????

be well all.

J.R. Torrey - 6/8” full hollow - 1st shave with this!
TOBS Lavender shave cream
Colonel conk mug

This is my heaviest restore to date. Original black scales were broken, so replaced with scales made from a sheet of acrylic. My first scales, 2nd pinning job (much better than my first). Had to grind away a notch in the heel of the blade and remove minor surface issues. Luckily no etching on the blade to worry about erasing. Honing progression from 2k to black Ark. Edge was sharp enough, maybe a hair harsh. I will try 1-2 more times and then likely apply the pasted balsa progression since that seems to give a super smooth shave.

Bonus photo is Torrey #3, currently in restore mode. Lots of black spots on the blade. If there was no etching I would just have it, but hoping to save the “OUR 136” so currently working with 1000 grid W/D used by hand. Making slow progress... happily there is nothing in queue behind it, lost an eBay auction last night, so I can take my time.

What’s up Torrey Shavers' it has been awhile since I posted but today I’m back. It’s the spike tip for me today and had a great shave for a great day here in the Upstate. It’s a pleasant 61 degrees
CAF00040-B23C-404D-8E1F-2D3E7717DB80.jpeg Great Day Smooth Comfortable Shaves
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J.R. Torrey Co.
DG Gratiot League Square
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Tony Miller Strop
Jnat Shobu Finish
Pinaud Clubman


yet another fine Torrey Tuesday. Buried in the white powdery stuff. still going to work as of right now.

be well all and be safe.

Torrey “the Celebrated”
Rein Dachs
Pacific Shaving Co

Tuesday is usually a 1-pass day, so went for a face lather, first time with this cream/brush combo. Worked well. The razor was excellent, solid CCS. Then went outside and shoveled some snow (OK, a lot of snow).

Torrey 6/8 full hollow
TOBS Lavender cream
SOC boar

Another 1-pass day. 1 hr to shower, shave and eat lunch before an web interview with some journalists. Everything went great! 3 circles in the TOBS cream and got a great face lather, there was plenty left in the brush. Shave was only SAS to CCS, but super comfortable and no blood was shed as I would not have wanted to be on video with blood oozing down my neck! I sometimes complain about the SOC, but for face lathering with TOBS cream it worked great.

Late posting, but the shave was yesterday! Monogram basic scales.

Also, Can somebody explain to me why Viking soaps aren’t more popular? I’m a chemical engineer and I swear it just seems like this guy either gets higher purity ingredients, or somehow achieves a cleaner more complete reaction in his saponification compared to any other small boutique soap maker. I’ve been contrarian before, but this man can soap and I just don’t understand why it’s not referenced more as an ultra clean basic animal fat+aloe shave soap.

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Based on your enthusiastic recommendation, I got some Viking in the Norway flavor.
It's good. When I opened the container, it smelled like cinnamon.
While I was lathering up, I noticed a root beer flavor which
combined with the cinnamon to produce a scent reminiscent of Coca Cola.
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