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Topo Chico at Costco


These look like glass, i was looking for a single bottle to try but I couldn’t find any
Those look like 12 packs of thick glass, judging from the sign, 12 oz bottles, so about $1.35 a bottle. Although the bottles look larger to me, like the 1/2 liter bottles. Not a terrible deal. It may not be worth it to everyone! It is to me. It is just fizzy water. But if it encourages me not to drink a diet coke, it is worth it!

I went by Total Wine today in McLean, VA and finally scored. They had liter plastic bottles for $1.89 a piece and I think what we are looking at above for $14.99. I bought a couple of the latter. Not as good as the Costco price, but at least they had the stuff. The guy a the register told me they had just started getting Topo Chico in again. That for months they had had none in the store.
Hmmmm. My bad. I was wrong. What I bought today was two 20 bottles each boxes of 6.5 oz bottles. $14.99 @ box. About $0.75 a bottle. Not a terrible price.

I need to pay more attention.
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