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    Trying to get my collection below "Hoarder" level. This will be a good start. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees to other US members. International shipment at your risk or with Priority insured mail only. PLEASE POST QUESTIONS TO THIS THREAD! I expect heavy PM volume and I want to give buyers priority over tire kickers. Questions sent via PM may not get answered.

    "Pre/Post Lot" Castle Forbes Preshave 90% remaining ($60 retail) and 2 GFT Skin Food levels as shown ($26 retail each)
    $50 for all three

    "Aftershave Lot" Castle Forbes 1445 Aftershave Balm 90% ($50), C&E Lime ASB 50% ($20), RR The Stallion ($10)
    All three for $40

    "Fall/Winter Lot" Insurrection II Wild EdT 80% ($20), Encre Noire A L'Extreme 90% ($38), DR Harris Marlborough Spray 80% ($50)
    All three for $60

    "Spring/Summer Lot" C&E West Indian Limes EdT 90% ($45), Cereus No 5 Tester 90% ($25), Davidoff Cool Water 80% ($30)
    Take all three for $50

    "Versace Man Lot" Versace Eau Fraiche 80% ($40) and Versace Man 90% ($25)
    Both for $40

    "Penhaligon's Lot" Raquets Formula 90% (discontinued and very hard to find) and English Fern 90% ($134)
    Take both for $200 (Please no flippers, I'd like this to go to a Pens fan)

    "Soap/Cream Lot" NOS Tallow AoS Lavender Puck box in bad shape (Not available), NOS Tallow AoS Lemon Soap in Bowl (Not Available), AoS 1.0 oz Lavender Shaving Cream (FREEBIE), Proraso Red Shaving Cream ($10)
    Yours for $50

    "Safety Razor Lot"- Generic Razor ($10), Standard Silver Razor ($35), Baby Smooth ($40), Bevel ($40), Razor Stand (FREEBIE)
    Take them all $50

    Not Shave Ready Kingsland Straight Razor (Gold Dollar W59) ($35)

    Vintage Simpson AS2 Pure Badger in Original Box 21x49mm knot (unavailable) $175
    Vintage Simpson Duke 2 Best Badger in Non-Original Box 23x46mm knot $150

    Rare Vintage Plisson Size 6 Plexi European White (Unavailable) $75
    Kent H12 Best Badger ($200) $75

    Tulip 3 2-Band Super Badger 27x53mm knot (Unavailable) $275
    Colonel X2L Super 2-Band marked Best on handle 23x50mm knot (Unavailable) $200

    Somerset Era Polo 10 Super Badger 29x52mm knot (Unavailable) $175
    Rooney Stubby 2 labeled DR Harris Best 25x50mm knot (Unavailable) $125
  1. Soap/Cream Lot SOLD
  2. Colonel X2L 2-Band SOLD
  3. Kent H12 SOLD
  4. Plisson SOLD
  5. Safety Razor Lot SOLD
  6. CF Pre-Shave and GFT Skin Food lot sold
  7. Simpson Polo and DR Harris Stubby SOLD
  8. Tulip 3 2-band SOLD
  9. Versace lot sold
  10. jar_

    jar_ Contributor

    I finally figured out that "(unavailable)" meant an MSRP was not known rather than the item was unavailable for some reason.
  11. That is correct, a poor choice of terminology on my part.
  12. jar_

    jar_ Contributor

    And slow uptake on my part it seems. But them's what happens.
  13. I have broken off the Racquets for a forum member and so the English Fern is available separately. Also, if you are interested in some of the fragrances/ aftershaves but not in the current offering please reach out to me and we can work something out.
  14. Encre Noire SOLD
  15. Both vintage Simpson shaving brushes sold
  16. English Fern, Cool Water and Marlborough SOLD, Reduced price on Aftershave lot to $35 - Don't be hesitant to make a reasonable offer.

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