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Top 5 shavers,two years on.

Having tried numerous safety razors over the last two years.Here is,in order of preference the best bang for your buck razors I have tried. Number 1.Schick Injector E type.Number 2.Gem 1912.Number 3.Gem Micromatic Magic Eye.4.Flair Tip Rocket. 5.Heavy handle tech. All these razors can be picked up for next to nothing,and imho shave better than all the desirable razors fetching stupid prices these days.:wink::biggrin:
That is a nice list for those looking for a better shave. All newbs probably start with that goal in mind. Then you see all the cool, rare, shiny razors out there and your goal becomes acquisition.

Good list, tho heavily weighted toward Gems. :eek::biggrin: But your choices indicate shave performance is your top criteria. Smart man.

I just picked up a batch of Schick adjustables, so will have to give one a whirl.

Here's my personal list or top-performing razors, razors that for me give the closes, smoothest, and least irritating shave:

Schick Krona
Flare Tip Rocket
Slim Adjustable--Unlike the Fatboy, these can still be had for a reasonable price.

Well, that's only 3, but that's my list. Perhaps the Schick Injector will make the list at some point.
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