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Top 5 Aftershaves?

My list would be: 1) Floid Vigoroso 2) Stirling Sandalwood 3) Stirling Barbershop 4) Stirling Baker St. 5) Proraso Green

What say the board?
In no particular order, right now I'd say;
Mickey Lee - Grand Havana
Stirling - Sandpiper
Chiseled Face - Ghost Town Barber
Fine - American Blend
PAA - Cavendish


Geo F. Trumper Spanish Leather
Pinaud Clubman original
TOBS Victorian Lime
Alt Innsbruck
1. Tabac Original
2. Old Spice Fresh Lime
3. Brut Original
4. Old Spice Original
5. Williams Expert Aqua Velva
Still trying new products, but as of now it's:
1. Avon Spice
2. Avon Everest
3. Aqua Velva Musk
4. Avon Oland
5. Mennen Skin Bracer
Captain's Choice Bay Rum
Ogallala Limes & Peppercorn
St. John's WI Lime
Crown Shaving Co. Tonic
Aqua Velva Ice Sport
Captain's Co9T, Stirling EM with menthol, Stirling MITA, Stirling Barbershop, WSP Sandalwood, Floid Vigoroso. Yeah, I know that is six, but I couldn't decide on how to rank them. I guess the Floid scent is not for everyone, so gun to my head I could make that the number six. The rest smell great, and all make my skin feel nice after a shave.
Mine changes all the time but currently it is comprised of:

1. Aqua Velva Musk
2. Old Spice Original (glass bottle from India)
3. Aqua Velva Original Sport (green)
4. Brut
5. Skin Bracer

Still trying to determine if I actually like Aqua Velva Ice Blue. The Original Sport is a nicer scent and the Musk is amazing for longevity and compliments

Acqua Di Parma Essenza
Crown Shaving Company Tonic
Floris Santal
Trumper's Spanish Leather
Realizing that RazoRock doesn't get too much air time here.....Ill be the first post to the thread to put it in my Top 5 lineup

1) Anything RazoRock
2) Proraso Red
3) Tabac
4) Pinaud
5) Anything RazRock


Lilac Vegetal
Pinaud Special Reserve
Pinaud Vanilla
Fine Clean Vetiver

Changes weekly though.
  1. Geo F. Trumper - Sandalwood Skin Food
  2. Geo F. Trumper - Sandalwood Skin Food
  3. Geo F. Trumper - Sandalwood Skin Food
  4. Geo F. Trumper - Sandalwood Skin Food
  5. Crabtree & Evelyn - Sienna after shave cream
So, now you know what I like eh? :001_cool:
Tallow + Steel Maya
Tallow + Steel Boreal
Chatillon Lux (any)
L&L Grooming Trismegistus
The Sudsy Soapery White Sage and Lime