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Top 3 Most Efficient and Smooth DE Razors ?

Full disclosure. I am a daily shaver so I tend to use and like milder razors with sharp blades, but here are my three favorite smooth efficient razors I have used (even if I currently use only the Wolfman frequently).

1) Wolfman WR2 / Solid Bar / .95mm gap
2) Fatip Gentile (don't let the name fool you...plenty efficient IMO)
3) Razorock SLOC / Open Comb / virtually zero gap (similar to Fatip)
That karve razor intrigues me just not sure how the different plates compare with the Rockwell R5 plate
If you do a search, there is lots of info here and on other boards. Fantastic razor IME. I have the same setup with the B plate in stainless and absolutely LOVE it. But I would not describe the B plate as very efficient...it is a very mild setup. The C plate is the maximum I can tolerate and similar to my WR2 SB95. The D plate is where the efficiency jump really happens and I sold my brass version with C and D plates off a while back...was too much for me on a daily basis.
The most smooth and efficient for me: iKon X3. I think it is in its own category completely.
I do have other razors that are smooth like Razorock Mamba, Saiver loaded with only one blade as cap->blade separator->blade->base plate, iKon 102 but I think they do not reach the level of X3.
Coarse stubble over sensitive skin here. I used to shave every other day. There’s only one I’ve found that is efficient AND smooth at the same time:

Gillette New Type Long Comb

This thing is so efficient I now shave every 3 days instead of 2. Used to use a Game Changer JAWS which technically should be more efficient but wasn’t, and was nowhere near as smooth in the really touchy areas.

Be careful with specs like blade gap, they really don’t mean a damn thing. You have to try several types to see what works for you.


1) Karve brass (Plate B) - (Hands down winner...for me, perfection. Using a Kai SS blade.)
2) Charcoal Goods SS LvL 2 (the vacuum cleaner! Any blade will get it done.)
3) Timeless SS .68 w/scalloped head & base (using a Kai SS blade brought new life to this already very good razor.)
*) (Honorable mention) Fatip Open Comb Slant (have only shaved with it twice. A few more times and it may bump into the third spot.)


Smooth and efficient? Lots out there.

Not offering the following DE razors in any particular order as each one fits the description, "smooth and efficient":

Blackland Razors Blackbird SB (and OC)
Fatip Lo Storto Originale (aka FOCS)
Fatip Grande
Charcoal Goods Brass Level2
Charcoal Goods Stainless Everyday Razor
Timeless Ti 0.68-SB
Timeless Stainless 0.95
Karve Brass SB-B and SB-C
Rex Envoy
RazoRock GC84-P and GC84-OC
RazoRock BBS
Ikon B1 OC
Ikon B1 Standard

Readily available vintage:
Gillette Pre- & Post-war Fat Handle Techs
Gillette Old Type
Gillette NEW RFB
Gillette Goodwill 160
Gillette Red Tip

There are more but this list should get you started. ;)

I’ll only mention 1:
Gibbs 15/17 - the smoothest and most efficient I’ve came across so far.

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