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Top 3 Most Efficient and Smooth DE Razors ?

Please list your top 3 favorites IN ORDER of most being most EFFICIENT and at the same time most SMOOTH shavers. Please list detail blade gap, type of cap, Safety Bar or Open Comb variant, etc..

I personally am a 2 a day shaver and not a daily shaver at all. I would like to get a comprehensive list of everybody's "GO TO" DE Razors that you have used or personally own. List most likely is subjective based off your skin type and hair growth cycle, but the best of the best razors should stand out for all. Please share your picks and thoughts guys. Thank you
A Merkur open-comb (eg 15C et al) with a nacet is as smooth as butter.

Although it's not at all aggressive, open-combs are very efficient if you have to tackle long hair as well as short stubble. Provided you've fitted a sharp enough blade for your hair type, it will happily slice through anything you put in front of it - even a couple of week's growth.
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