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There are quite a few threads on this site about travel brushes. IMHO most of those who comment seem to prefer buying a modest brush and transporting it in either a pill bottle or a Muhle brush case. I did not want to take a high end brush on the road as my brush rarely gets a chance to dry out before it is back in my bag. I opted for a Vulfix 404 and a Muhle travel case. Total investment, $35.00. Some travel brushes are very small. I notice this E-Bay brush claims to measure 21mm at the base of the knot, which is a decent size brush. If you can afford to take a chance on it, what is to lose? Use it for a few trips and then decide if spending a bit more is warranted.
Congratulations! I too use a Merkur 38C. I started out with a Tweezerman brush from Amazon (~$15). I just upgraded this Christmas to a Simpson's Duke 3 and my plan is to keep my Tweezerman for travel. There are a lot of small brushes out there (the Wee Scot is an extreme example) and there are brushed with built in cases in the handle, but for now I figure that my inexpensive brush will do just fine.

There are many threads on travel brushes, and most recommend that you get a cheap brush for travel. Travel with something that you won't mind losing.
Feels good doesn't it. I have a synthetic (i know i know) that i picked up from thegoldennib and it dries very quickly, which really is what I would look for in a travel brush; additionally it doesn't bloom so it wont get huge on you and take up your whole suitcase:biggrin1:. It's also very tough so you don't have to worry too much about the hairs getting damaged if you don't have some sort of case, a cloth baggie or similar device would work just fine.
I haven't tried the brand of brush you linked, but there are probably some reviews around the forum on it. From memory, I believe the brush maker has a decent reputation. As far a travel brush goes, I would recommend something like a Duke Case as it would be an excellent brush and would easily fit into a large pill bottle (although I think it may come with a travel tube). I also have a Simpson Chubby1 and it fits easily in a large pill bottle, so I will often take it when I travel.
Before the Wee Scot I used to have an AOS badger brush that was similar in size to the Simpson Duke. It was a decent brush for travel but it took a while to dry off and it was too large to be stuffed into a pill bottle and then into a toiletry bag.

My favorite brush is the Simpsons Wee Scot in a small pill bottle. The Wee Scot lathers in a manner that belies its puny proportions. It dries real quick and hasnt shed any hair for me yet.

- PK.
For a travel brush, I went to a pharmacy and asked them for the largest pill bottle they had. When I got it home, I drilled several holes in the lid of the bottle and put a couple cotton swabs in the bottom to cushion the brush handle. I use this to transport my brushes when I travel. If I am traveling domestic, I'll usually take a top shelf brush. International travel I'll always take an inexpensive brush that if I lose, it will not be a huge loss.

I have an old Plisson travel brush that I also use occasionally, but I prefer a larger brush and don't use it all that much.
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