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Too hasty??

Hi guys (and gals),

I've been DE shaving since Christmas and I just received, by far, the best shave to date. I have been using an Astra sp and really liked them. Today I tried the feather for the first time. No nicks or weepers (for the first time) and my face is super smooth. I did 3 passes all WTG. Should I give up my search for ''my'' blade and just order a butt load of feathers? Or is that too hasty and should I keep trying the rest of my sampler. Thanks!

I would say to keep up with the rest of the sampler. I thought that Feathers were the be-all end-all of blades, and then I tried Voskhods. Feathers are a lot easier to find though, so I still keep them around for my everyday shaves. The Voskhods are for special occasions. Who knows? You may find that you find another one that is every bit as sharp, but feels smoother to your face. Also, different blades may be great in one razor, but not in another. Believe it or not, My favorite blade for a DE is Shark Super Platinums. The Feathers and Voskhods are better in my half-DE shavettes.
In my humble opinion I think if you liked the Feather and it gave you the best result so far,you have a good opportunity to stick to it while you develop your technique.
I don't think experimentation during the learning process is healthy.
There's no harm in trying the other blades but that doesn't mean you can't buy some Feather if you really like them.
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