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Tony Miller Latigo Strop Pass Around

I probably can’t add as much depth as some, because I don’t have a lot of exposure to multiple strops. But with that said, I really like this strop. My comparison is based against my 2 1/2” TM Plain Vanilla.

This pass around strop has a thinner leather piece that is more supple and flexible than mine. The draw is fast and smooth. And the linen is very nice also and is really soft compared to my cotton strop. I really like this strop and enjoyed using it! You know Tony’s craftsmanship and everything about this strop just highlights that quality. I will have another of Tony’s strops in my future.

I will ship this out to @Ky K on Monday and I’ll post the tracking # for those following along at home. Outstanding work @Tony Miller and thank you for the pass around opportunity.
The strop is in hand. Just rubbing it with my palm and the leather is incredibly supple to the touch. The flax is Uber soft. The quality is what you would expect from Tony Miller.
More to come as I use it.

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