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Tonight's Movie Is 'The Great Escape'

From Wikipedia: The Great Escape is a 1963 American World War II epic film based on an escape by British and Commonwealth prisoners of war from a German POW camp during World War II, starring Steve McQueen, James Garner and Richard Attenborough.

The film is based on Paul Brickhill's 1950 book of the same name, a non-fiction first-hand account of the mass escape from Stalag Luft III in Sagan (now Żagań, Poland), in the province of Lower Silesia, Nazi Germany. The characters are based on real men, and in some cases are composites of several men. The film was made by the Mirisch Company, released by United Artists, and produced and directed by John Sturges.

The film had its Royal World Premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square in London's West End on 20 June 1963.

Great movie. This is one of those movies that, when I come across it on TV, it doesn't matter how far along in the movie it is, I will watch it to the end.
I love the scenes when Steve McQ is in solitary. Just playing with his baseball. That type of attitude is just classic "don't give them the satisfaction".
I was maybe five years old when I first saw it. It is the film that make me (eventually) get into motorcycling. It's true...motorcycles = freedom.
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