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Tom's of Maine

This Tom's cream is terrific!!! Had my best shave in a long time........using Futur razor with a Derby blade. (I definitely like the Derby better than the Merkur) I'm placing a small amount of cream on my brush and lathering directly on my face. I bought Poraso in a tube yesterday and I'll do the same. I'm using my shaving bowl to swirl and lather my cake soap - Muhle Ocean Breeze. I think I like the Tom's and Poraso creams in the tubes better than the cakes - I seem to get a thicker lather that stands up for a longer time. Has anyone used Crema Creme yet in the Red and White tube - I'd be curious to hear. Also - what's better: Face, Bowl or hand? I read that Trumper's likes the "hand". Still haven't seen an answer to that thread yet...
I certainly agree, Tom's makes a great product.

The decision of face, bowl, or hand lathering really depends on you and which one you like and/or get the best lather from. When I first started wet shaving, I built the lather on my face. One day, on a whim, I decided to use the bowl and was rewarded with such an amazing, thick, creamy, lubricating lather, that I have never looked back. While I enjoy building the lather on my face, I get a far better lather and shave from using the bowl - YMMV.
Thanks Kyle

I guess I'll have to invest a couple more shaving bowls - my bowl is currently occupied with a cake of Ocean Breeze that I use every now and then. What do you think about building in the palm of the hand. Kind of getting back to basics!
I'm sure that there are members here who use this method and with good results. I, however, like to get pretty aggressive as I'm whipping up the lather and simply find the bowl to be the easiest/neatest/cleanest method.

Try this: buy a couple of bowls that you think you may enjoy using. They don't have to be "shaving bowls". Go to Target, Wal-Mart, etc. and check out their cereal bowls, mixing bowls, serving bowls, and pet food bowls. You're bound to find a couple that will serve you well. Next, conduct your own little lather building test and see which method allows you to create the most luxurious lather. Additionally, if you have a digital camera, take pictures of your process and results and share them with us.

A final note, the following link is an invaluable resource for lather building.
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