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Tom's of Maine Calendua Cream- Very Cheap



Ya the last time I was in Whole Paycheck I noted they had a bunch. Decent cream...but not as good as Tabac.
At my job(whole foods) the buyer for the Whole Body department, has no knowledge of the discontinuation of either the mint, or calendula.
Our shelves are fully stocked. :biggrin:

Here's the exact text of a message I received from TOM back in December 2008.

Dear Mike,

Thank you for contacting us! Unfortunately it is true that we are discontinuing our shaving cream line. Due to the rising cost of some of the ingredients it is becoming too costly to produce without a price increase beyond what consumers would be willing to pay. I'm sorry!

Tina Payeur
Consumer Dialogue & Services Representative

Maybe they changed their mind and will continue to offer it going forward after all???
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