FS Toggle, British Goodwill and Sheraton

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    Offering 3 special razors, CONUS and PayPal only, please, and the prices include shipping.

    D-1 Toggle. Mechanically sound in all respects, but the doors (only) have significant plate loss, and there is a ‘patch’ of brassing on the one door (as shown on pictures). The legendary shave is unaffected by the plating. In light of the condition of the plating on the doors, the asking price is $190.

    British Goodwill ‘Angel Razor’. A really pristine version of this remarkably smooth British Goodwill. From razor to case, I’ve never seen one in better condition. Asking $100.

    1938 Sheraton. Mechanically sound in all respects, with perfect teeth. Gold plating is mostly gone, but it matters little with this buttery smooth shaver. Asking $50

    Feel free to ask for more pictures, and thanks for helping me purge, mates!

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  1. Goodwill ...

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  2. Sheraton ...

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  3. Great razors and prices from an even better seller. GLWTS Dan!
  4. Thank you, Tom!
  5. Given current toggle prices, that's a steal at $190. I doubt it will last long.
  6. Sheraton is sold.
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  7. Good for you!
  8. REV579

    REV579 Contributor

    Sharp razors!
  9. Toggle is sold pending funds.
  10. I guess I was too slow...
  11. Sheraton and Toggle are both sold.

    I’ll drop the price on the British Goodwill to $90 shipped.
  12. British Goodwill price is now $80.
  13. I got the same razor (user grade version) from Dan. A rare (~ish ... not an ebay seller here ... ) top performing Gillette NEW from a great member. This one seems be in great condition and worth a place in every collector's den.
    I am tempted myself and I have one.
  14. Someone grab the Empire Goodwill set!
  15. Thank you for the kind words Lloyd!
  16. And I can’t go any lower Andon!
  17. Someone grab it please. I got one from Jeff_H back in the day. It is right up there with the RFB!
  18. Last ... and I mean last ... price drop before this prince turns back into a frog. $75
  19. British Goodwill finally sold! Thanks friends.
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