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Toeing the line

This morning's ablutions were courtesy of Maurer & Wirtz - ably abetted by Messrs Gillette and Rooney...


I'd never used Tabac before reading B&B, but a few months ago I was away from home and bought the 50ml bottle aftershave (now empty) in Boots. I liked the smell so I went back and bought the deodorant stick, and then added a few more items from online suppliers - shavestick, talc, hand soap,shower gel - and a 100ml aftershave from Boots.

Can I now describe myself as a Tabacaneer? :001_smile

Thing is with product lines, I know that I will end up buying everything just to because I can - it's not OCD honest. Looking at what's available from UK retailers I thought I'd complete with soap in a bowl, EDC and/or (it will be and really) EDT - and on that day I could attain Tabacinator status. Then I saw the full line at http://www.tabac-original.de/english/products_list.htm and realised I've a bit of way to go. I will skip the hair products which even I can't justify, and I don't use aerosols.

Anyone else have a similar compulsion to toe the line?
Nice Tabac lineup. I have the soap and cologne, but need to pick up a bottle of the aftershave. The talc is also something I might have to track down.
I do like the a/s, i have got the soap and deo stick but yet to try them, i am lucky because a local chemist near me stocks the entire tabac range:thumbup1:
Ceri, you owe it to yourself to try the soap! The shampoo is very nice imo, better than the shower gel which I find just so-so.
And too few people know about the awesome shave balm!
I do like the a/s, i have got the soap and deo stick but yet to try them, i am lucky because a local chemist near me stocks the entire tabac range:thumbup1:

Where in Wales are you? I've family still in the 'old country' who love shopping and will drive miles :)

I used the balm for the first time today so have only a first impression of it, but I'd like to try the roll on deodorant and the soft aftershave for the days I overdo things with the razor.
Any idea what brick-and-mortar stores in the US sell this stuff? I've mostly been ordering my shaving supplies online, but I'm looking for a new deodorant and want to smell it before I buy it.
The great thing about Tabac for me is that although each of the products smell similar, they're not identical so when you wear more than one you don't have a single overbearing scent like some other lines.

And it's not just the smells, the stuff works really well. Stepped put of the shower this morning, popped a new blade into the Rocket, lathered up with the shavestick and with no other prep gave myself a fantastic shave - three passes, a little touching up - I wasn't aiming for bbs but came pretty close. Tried the balm again, after a splash of the aftershave, and walked out of the bathroom irritation free.
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